Requires Scripting Runtime Version set to 4.6

WordPress for Unity is the complete collection of all the WordPress assets that I have on the store and will include all future WordPress assets that I release to the store.

Buy the complete kit and never miss out on any new feature I release. Every new asset that I add to this kit will increase the price of this kit by the value of the new asset so the earlier you get this package the more you will save down the line.

This asset now includes a complete game template in a perpetual BETA state, making use of all the current assets as the collection grows and thereby allowing you to see how the default prefabs can be customised to suit a specific project.

In this case I modified Unity’s First Person Shooter demo project to include a shop that stores weapon unlocks, upgrade levels as well as stock quantities online. This and more…

This assets’s features include:

MBS Core

► Runtime typed variable creation
► In memory, virtual database complete with search, filters, add, remove and insert functions. Allows for nested data. Each row dictates what columns it has but doesn’t NEED to match any other row
► Smart values to prevent runtime exceptions
► Load / save all game data in 1 line of code
► Easy to use StateMachine
► FromString() class extensions added to int, float, Vectors etc
► Modify transform positions/rotations without first having to duplicate the value and then writing it back. Same with the alpha value on Image components
► Numerous other class extensions
► On screen notification system
► Custom event class. Essentially universal


► Create your achievements as easily as creating a blog post
► Award an achievement as simply as calling WUAchieve.AwardAchievment(id)
► Optionally assign requirements online and award achievements automatically
► Change requirements at any time, even after publishing
► When using auto awarding you can add new achievements after publishing also
► Fetches graphics online only if not already present in the project
► View / assign / revoke achievements, per player, from the dashboard in one click


► Create accounts on your site / in Unity
► Login to website / games with same details
► Customise personal details in Unity
► Password resetting and changing
► Dashboard control panel for all WP kits
► Display game details on your website
► Security to prevent external access
► Player banning / suspension / restoring
► Automatically fetch player’s Gravatar icon
► Fetch any usermeta value during login
► Fetch a list of all games on the website
► Create games on the website directly from Unity
► Access all fetched data statically from any script. No need to first link to anything
► Setup only takes seconds!
► Dynamic setup based on included kits
► Examples: Auto high score / virtual currency balance retrieval during login


► Store int, long, float, Rect, Vector2, Vector3, Color, Quaternion and string
► Store anything that has a ToString method
► Fetch a field, category, all game data or all data from all games of yours the player is playing
► This means (for example) that you can use values from one game inside another or test if they have a specific game and apply bonuses if they do
► Store player preferences across games
► Player’s data can only be accessed by themselves
► Store data globally in real time. Modify game settings and have the changes live immediately. No need to republish your game
► Website admins can monitor/ update/ remove all player data saved in their database


► Add uncheatable timers to your game
► Examples: Lives, gold, crops…
► No server side configuration required
► Set max values and update intervals
► Completely self contained
► Functions to spend or award points
► Functions to update timer value caps


► Set or Fetch scores with 1 line of code
► Custom number of high scores to return
► Show the player’s Gravatar icon
► Sort scores ascending or descending


► Create unlimited virtual currencies
► No setup required to create them
► WooCommerce integration enables in-app content sales from your website
► Sell virtual currencies using WooCommerce
► Auto fetch player’s balances on login
► Creates a self-managed Tapjoy server
► Earn money using Tapjoy monetisation
► Adds features Tapjoy hosted currencies does not:

  1. Multiple players on a single device
  2. Single player on multiple devices
  3. Balances synced between devices instead of “one user, one device”
  4. Spend currencies on platforms Tapjoy doesn’t support

► Option to turn off Tapjoy support
► Simplifies (virtually automates) the coding to create placements in your game


To use Tapjoy in your project you will still need to comply with all their rules and T&C. This includes installing their free SDK, creating an account on their website and setup your Tapjoy account via their website, applying for a virtual currency and agreeing to not use their currency for gambling purposes or the purchasing of physical goods.

Known bugs

If, for some reason you run into the bug where the editor scripts do not fire and you sit with masses of errors. First make sure you have scripting runtime version set to 4.x. If so then
go to Edit->ProjectSettings->Player and under “Scripting Define Symbols” paste the following (without quotes): “WUL;WUDATA;WUM;WUT;WUS;WUA;WUSKU”. You should now be error free

4 reviews for WordPress For Unity

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    TripleMotionMedia on 2018-09-20 12:47:47

    Great asset for connecting your Game to WordPress and more! - I want to start this review of by saying that the developer gave me the best support I have ever had with an asset. We spend over a week together trying to get the asset to work. There was a small problem somehow on our end which caused us not to be able to login. The developer was really quick to reply. Which really helps when you are stuck and frustrated because you can't figure out why something does not work for you but it does for other. The plugin is awesome. We have users register and after a WooCommerce purchase a serial get connected to the account of the player automatically. I haven't even checked out the other kits in this asset and I allready feel like this asset is worth every penny!! Just an awesome asset with the best support I ever had in the asset store.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Vygar on 2018-06-30 22:06:39

    Excellent and Painless - Integrating your project with a website can never be easier than with this kit. I've been using these wordpress integrations for quite some time now and I'm quite pleased with how seamless the whole thing works and how simple the set-up really is. My particular favorites here are WUSS and WuTimers as they make database actions and time-based events very easy to integrate and manage. In fact, they're so well done that I scrapped my own database solutions in favor of this one and saved myself a lot of headache as a result. These are great kits with stellar support and well worth the cost.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    robtv on 2018-05-23 16:18:07

    WordPress for Unity by MyBad Studios is an amazing product. This piece of software accomplishes in a matter of minutes what others tried to sell me for 1000s of dollars. It looks good, works great and there are tons of doors that open up, once you start using it. Since I am not very fluent in C or Unity I needed some help to set things up. Ryanosuke is a great help. Not only does he respond in no time, his responses are elaborate and thoughtful and friendly. He is a true craftsman and I recommend him and his work wholeheartedly to anyone who wishes to connect Wordpress and Unity.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    rushk1 on 2018-04-28 18:06:06

    Indispensable - This asset has solved the most difficult but also one of the most important parts of making a game. A solid back end. User accounts, user data, the reliability of is perfect. No more waiting for years of experience or spending a lot of money to have these features, I have them right now, thanks to a developer whose very motto is to make these features accessible to everyone. Buying the complete kit was a simple decision. It will keep growing, so it's a great investment. More importantly, it is a whole lot of fun. So many My Bad Studios assets to experiment with and add features to my games,features that would otherwise have been out of reach. The road map looks excellent and one more Asset has already been added to the kit in the two months since I purchased the whole kit. The developer has amazing work ethics. When he answers questions, he considers your game as a whole, not just his asset's part in it. He will consider your game design and the best way to incorporate WordPress as a back end into this design. This means his solutions will work well with your games. Also, he is not one to stand by silently, if he can see you are making a mistake in your game design. He will let his concerns be known, quite eloquently at that, he will then explain things patiently , and this is because he is an honest guy who obviously simply loves making games and sharing his experience and tips with others making games. Customer support is top notch.It is the best support I have received for any software , including those outside of unity.


Please check back in soon...


Please check back in soon...


Please check back in soon...