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myBad Cross Platform

myBad Studios Core is the foundation of most of the kits offered by myBad Studios. It contains a number of classes that are useful in and of themselves and definitely worth a look for any project but having this kit also enables you to buy the lower priced versions of kits that make use of it. It is being made available as a stand alone product in order to allow for a more streamlined upgrade process

The contextual Actions HUD is a convenient way to offer user interaction with your game. It supports keyboard and mouse inputs and provides your players with a visual cue of when actions are available to be performed on objects

THE Dialogue System is a super expandable system that offers far more than advertised. The first version of the kit said as much in the description but with the eventual redesign of the kit the possibilities became so vast that I literally stopped trying to explain to people what they are getting when they buy this kit…

THE Dialogue System for MBS Core is the same as the standalone version but if you already own MBSCore then you already own part of this kit and thus I offer this cheaper version without the code you already own. Install MBSCore first then this kit and you will have at least the same features as the standalone version

ESC Keyboard (The Easily Skinnable & Customisable keyboard) does exactly what the name implies. You can customise it to contain any number of character sets and make it match the theme of your project. Since it is a world space keyboard it is perfectly suited to VR projects

The Turn Based Battle System is the answer to all your turn based battle needs. This kit will undergo constant updating to bring you new battle modes but was designed from the start to offer you an incredible about of flexibility, freedom and customisation options while keeping everything as simple as possible to configure! Need anything that is not already in the kit? Feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you require and I might add it in a future update…