Guild World

Guild World is our isekai web series. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.


After waking up in an alien world our protagonist sets out to find out where they are and how to get back home. What he finds is a world divided into 5 guilds at war for supremacy. Magicians, soldiers, scientists, brutal warriors and skilled martial artists all trying to prove their way is the way.

The citizens of The World are so focused on fighting each other that none of them realize they were brought to The World by a demonic force and that they are living on borrow time. Our unlikely hero and his growing band of outcasts and misfits set out to discover the secrets of The World and ultimately save everyone if they could only stop fighting long enough to be saved…


We are open to name suggestions so until a name has been locked in all bod men are names Frank and all their female accomplices are called Francine. The good guys are all called Leslie… because why not 😀 If you feel you have a suitable name for any of the characters, please feel free to email us on name_suggestions @ mybadstudios . com with your suggestion!

Good guys

Female lead

Female second lead

Bad Guys

Male Lead

Female Lead

Male Second lead

The locals