WordPress for Unity

WordPress For Unity Bridge

WordPress Bridge allows you to merge your Unity game’s user accounts with your WordPress website’s user accounts. Creating an account on one automatically allows you to log into either. Now also includes the ability to display game details on your website

Bridge:Scoring provides you with a drag and drop high scores system for your game. Not only does it show the player’s real Gravatar icon but it also allows you to specify an age rating for those icons to obey. To use you have only 2 functions to learn: FetchScores() and SubmitScore(amount) and this kit does all the rest including an animated, skinnable, positionable, mobile ready window to display the scores in

Bridge : Data is probably the most unmissable kit in the lineup. This allows you to store any data you want to an online database and fetch it back again, already formatted into a number of Unity’s base types. Also, you get to store data by game and by category and have a multitude of options available to you in terms of what data you fetch back. A single field? No problem. All data for a game? No problem. Only data shared between games? No problem. All data you have for the player including all saved game data for all games of yours the player has ever played? No problem…

Bridge : Timers allows you to store your stats online, have them increase automatically after a set interval that you specify, prevent users from cheating by changing the date or time on their devices and all the while do this in such an efficient manner that it puts virtually no strain on your server and allows you to use this on any platform that has internet access…
Have crops that should take 15 minutes to harvest? Have cows that need milking in 45 minutes? Growing a zombie for 3 days? Giving players 1 extra life every 30 minutes? Look no further

Bridge: Money offers an unlimited number of virtual currencies for your game, each with absolutely 0 configuration to create. It also offers integration with Tapjoy’s SDK allowing you to run a self Managed Currency Server and monetise your game by using Tapjoy. Simply put, this kit puts virtual currency into your players virtual hands while putting real cash into your real bank account…

Bridge : Serials protects your game from piracy. Share your game for free, let it be shared all over the internet without fear. Can be used to create: Pay-to-play games, demos or rewards system. Uses server side serial validation. Serials cannot be used by multiple people and since serial checks are done server side you don’t need to send the serial during login. You are in full control with a comprehensive dashboard for generating, allocating and revoking serials

Bridge Postal Icon

Bridge : Postal allows you to fetch posts from your website or to make new posts from within your game.