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The myBad Studios SDK

myBad Studios started as a games studio but after only one month in existence, one week after the launch of our first game, we were contacted to do contract work and so we became contractors. During the course of the next 11 years we developed in-house tools to help us speeed up our contract work and many of those tools were sold on the Unit Asset Store so that others could benefit from them as well.

Unfortunately, with the high demand for our assets came a cost of time in terms of customer support and feature requests being fulfilled resulting in all our time not working on other people's projects being spent updating our tools. This meant we had no time left to actually build any games of our own and so, after all these many years, myBad Studios has finally closed down it's store and is no longer taking on any new customers. Our intent,moving forward, is to make games (our own and client projects).

This site serves as a showcases of the myBad Studios SDK. We believe it has the potential to improve any project so please feel free to have a look at what features we can add to your project and to contact us if you would like to discuss any contract work. (Please see below for availability)

For those who are curious to see what games we end up making, you are welcome to visit our Patreon page and back us while we create our projects.

We hope you enjoy your stay