Unity Affiliate ShortCodes

This plugin was designed to simplify your life as an Asset Store affiliate. Instead of having to go through the link generator to create the code you need to embed an asset onto your website, all you do is write a single short code and this plugin will generate the same links the link generator does.

You have complete control over what type of link is generated, just like the link generator. Simple text? A banner? An icon? No problem. Just select the relevant short code and you are done. You also have the option of using my default CSS styling or to specify your own and also have the option to specify the subref property if you want to so whether you just want to show the link or add detailed tracking info, it’s all here…

From now on, if you have this plugin installed, all you need is the asset you want’s asset number and you are good to go. Example use:
[uas_aff_widget asset=”38045″]

[uas_aff_icon asset=”38045″]

[uas_aff_banner asset=”38045″]

[uas_aff_link asset=”38045″]Village Exteriors kit[/uas_aff_link]

[uas_aff_coll asset=”4444-wordpress-collection”]

[uas_aff_coll dark=”false” asset=”4444-wordpress-collection”]

[uas_aff_coll type=”banner” asset=”4444-wordpress-collection”]

[uas_aff_coll type=”link” asset=”4444-wordpress-collection”]Wordpress Collection[/uas_aff_coll]

Go to my recommended products page to see this in action.
The above code will display the Village Exteriors kit by 3DForge and my collection of WordPress assets.

As you can see, simplicity itself but you also have the option of going to the extreme and specifying extra parameters like so:
[uas_aff_widget asset=”38045″ pubref=”mysite” custom_class=”my_CSS”]

Your publisher’s ID is stored via the dashboard so you only need to enter it once and the plugin will handle your tracking for you from there.

  1. Download the plugin using the image above
  2. Install it on your website via the dashboard, like you would any other plugin
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Go to the settings and enter your affiliate id. Click “Update Settings”


All done! Ready to start adding your new short codes to your website…

Enjoy 😀

*NOTE: On WordPress Multisites the plugin needs to be activated per website, not globally