Asset Store Publisher Contact Form Plugin

Available here is a plugin made for all Unity Asset Store publishers to offer a contact form for their customers and have the form first authenticate customers invoice number(s) before sending the form to them.

Later on I would like to add more features like storing the name and email address of the person and giving you an overview of people who have contacted you and wether the same invoice was used with multiple email addresses and stuff like that but that all depends on how popular this kit is so please make sure to let me know what you think… Feature requests are also welcome.

To use this plugin, just use the short code “as_contact_form” anywhere on a page and you are done. You can optionally set the width of the form if you want, i.e. “as_contact_form width=100px” but for now that is all the settings that are available. Next, go into your dashboard and set your publisher’s API key there. You can also set the default form width on the same page. Remember to add the % or px in the value.

That is that! All done!

This is my first “Pay what you think it’s worth” product in a long time! 😀 If you don’t feel it is worth anything to you then you are still free to continue using it for free but if you would like to support me then thank you very much. Please use the donate button below to do so.

Enjoy 😀

*NOTE: Currently not compatible with multisite Network Activate option. Enable on individual websites