Turn Based Battle Kit 2

The Turn Based Battle kit has reached it’s end of life. It’s replacement is in the final stages and will be delivered as a free update to those who own the original version. On the Asset Store version 2 will replace version 1 while website customers will get access to both versions.

The first version essentially gave you a Final Fantasy style battle system. The new version does that already also so technically I guess you can say version 2 is complete apart from the documentation which is only halfway written. The thing is, though, that version 2 will also include a new battle system similar to Enchanted Arm. That system is almost complete and just needs a little bit of extra fine turning.

As of the time of writing this the movement and attack pattern editors are both complete and the Turn Based Battle Kit 2 will ship with 8 movement definitions and 37 attack patterns. I only intended to make 2 or 3 as samples but it was so simple and quick to do that I just couldn’t stop myself… then stopped at 37 because I ran out of ideas. Perhaps you will be able to think of attack patterns I did not… By all means, go ahead. Doing so is as simple as toggling a block on or off then hitting save when you are done. It couldn’t be simpler.

What has changed between the current and new versions?

In a word: Everything. The entire system was scrapped and rebuilt from scratch ( multiple times, actually, till I found a system that I liked enough to stick with). Some of the major changes you will notice right off the bat include:

  • Now supports UGUI and the entire battle can be payed with mouse / touch input
  • The entire system is event and state machine driven
  • The functionality of the system was developed independently from the GUI and uses a Data-View-Control model
  • As such, GUI elements can be added or removed at will and the system will not break
  • Battlefields can be predefined, randomly generated or manually defined
  • Battlefields can now contain raised floors via 3D prefabs instead of just a flat tile
  • Battlefield configuration is done via data assets instead of prefabs. Simply drag in what configuration you want
  • The demo scene now demonstrates how to go from your RPG world into a battle and back to the world again
  • The demo includes code to spawn certain enemies based on your world location
  • The input system has been replaced by a state machine driven array holding up to 9 controller configurations

Additional game play types are planned also. More info on that to follow soon…

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Well, the kit is done and now just needs documentation. Due to the sheer number of add-ons I want to release I am thinking I should release this as a “perpetual beta” product. In any event, as promised, production updates. Below you will find the first video showcasing the Final Fantasy style game type using the immediate attack mode.


This second video shows off the Enchanted Arm style game type using the per-faction attack mode.


Here is the current read me file to give you a LOT of extra info:

Version 2 is now included in the purchase of the Turn Based Battle Kit

Turn Based Battle System

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