NOTE: PlayerPrefs++ is a free plugin for MBS Core. See here for more info on MBS Core

PlayerPrefs++ is a replacement for the default Unity PlayerPrefs class and offers a few enhancements to the class.

How to use PlayerPrefs++

To update your existing projects to use PlayerPrefs++, simply find each instance of PlayerPrefs in your code and prepend “mbs” to it. That is all. your project is now updated.

Example of your current code:
	PlayerPrefs.SetString("Name", "John");

Example of your new code:
	mbsPlayerPrefs.SetString("Name", "John");

Note when fetching a string from a category you need to provide a default return value or else you need to use mbsGetStringCat to fetch the string. This is only applicable to strings and only when stored under a category.

Enhancements to PlayerPrefs

As mentioned above, PlayerPrefs++ offers a couple of enhancements to the standard PlayerPrefs.

Firstly, PlayerPrefs++ allows you to save:
string, int, float, bool, Vector2, Vector3, Rect, Quaternion and Color.

Secondly, PlayerPrefs++ allows you to save your PlayerPrefs into categories.
This means you can easily delete a bunch of preferences with a single line of code while leaving all the rest in tact. To specify a category simply add the category name to the end of the function as a final parameter. That simple.

Example use:

void UpdateGrades(string student_id)
//get the previous semester's preferences...
name = mbsPlayerPrefs.GetString   (student_id+"Name"),
math = mbsPlayerPrefs.GetStringCat(student_id+"Math", "current"),
sci  = mbsPlayerPrefs.GetStringCat(student_id+"Science", "current"),
hist = mbsPlayerPrefs.GetStringCat(student_id+"History", "current");

average  = mbsPlayerPrefs.GetFloat(student_id+"ave", 0.0f);
passed = mbsPlayerPrefs.GetBool(student_id+"Passed", "current");

hair_color = mbsPlayerPrefs.GetColor(student_id+"hair");

//store the old prefs to a new category...
mbsPlayerPrefs.SetString(student_id+"Name", name);
mbsPlayerPrefs.SetString(student_id+"Math", math, "First semester");
mbsPlayerPrefs.SetString(student_id+"Science", sci, "First semester");
mbsPlayerPrefs.SetString(student_id+"History", hist, "First semester");
mbsPlayerPrefs.SetFloat (student_id+"ave", average, "First semester");
mbsPlayerPrefs.SetBool  (student_id+"passed", passed, "First semester");
//give a bonus to blonds...
if (hair_color == Color.white)
	average == 4.0f;
mbsPlayerPrefs.SetFloat(student_id+"ave", average);
void ClearOldGrades()
//remove all the previous preferences...
void CommitACrimeAgainstHumanity()
//completely destroy the entire school's database...