WordPress for Unity Bridge Achievements

Bridge : Achievements

► Award players with badges either
  • ► Manually: Hardcode criteria in the game itself
  • ► Automatically: Define/modify criteria in the dashboard
► Define achievements inside the dashboard using the familiar WordPress interface
► Define any number of achievement requirements to be met before achievement is awarded
► Requirements are defined as simply as saying (and using any combination of):
  • ► Must Have At Least X number of Y keys
  • ► Must Have Less Than X number of Y keys
  • ► Must Have exactly X number of Y keys
► Supports locked and unlocked image variants
► Show different text before and after an achievement is awarded (instructions before and brag rights after, for example)
► Manually awarding an achievement in-game takes 1 line of code
► Includes a ready-made prefab to display achievements
► GUI front end is independent from the operational code. Mod or completely replace the interface
► Uses local graphics if present or downloads them from online if not found locally
► Change graphics online at any time and the changes are immediately live on all platforms