Bridge : Data

Store everything to the cloud
  • ► Store data globally for access within all games or
  • ► Save data for a specific game only
  • ► Sort data into categories and retrieve data by field, category or the entire game
  • ► Request all info you currently have about the player including all data from all games...
  • ► Request all non-game-specific data about the player. For instance his dog's name, custom avatar URL or phone number.
  • ► Upload images from your game to your website. Stored as a public URL, use it online and in-game
  • ► Retrieve stored data from any device. I.e. instantly and automatically make all your games cloud based!
  • ► Check which of your games player has and even update the player's settings in one game from within another! "Did you buy the Demo? Thank you. Here is 5000 extra Gold". Or the other way around... "Thank you for buying the Prequel Level. I see you already have the main game also. Excellent. You have now unlocked a secret character in the main game"

Beginner friendly

The Bridge : Data extension is built on CML meaning it already comes with many, many powerful search and filter functions but also includes a number of wrapper functions with game specific, easy to identify function names to help people who don't know CML to get started quickly. Once you have read the included CML documentation and are ready to access your data directly you will then have a plethora of extra functions to simplify your life even more

FREE BONUS - Pro mode Originally planned as a completely separate kit, Pro Mode has been added free of charge for all new and existing customers!
Enable Pro Mode by setting a single static boolean to true. As an added benefit of no longer needing the entry level wrapper functions, you are able to write much cleaner code and in most cases much less code. Enabling Pro Mode changes the format in which the data is delivered to allow you even more fine grained access over your data. Think of CML as XML on steroids and consider each step up as having more direct access to each node and having better search and filter functionality becoming available!

Data and data types

Because it runs on CML it means you can store any data you can turn into a string (for example by using their respective ToString() methods) online and when you fetch your data back from the server MBS Core's FromString() methods run in the background so you can use your saved data as typed variables, formatted back into (thus far) int, long, float, bool, Rect, Vector2, Vector3, Color, Quaternion and, of course, string along with List and Array variants thereof.

Store any value! Keep it online and out of the hands of the cheaters... Gold, score, health, experience, tower upgrade level... whatever values you want to store, now you can!

Some extra features to take note of
  • ► Install the plugin once and you are good to store data for all your current and future games
  • ► This extension requires zero configuration. Just install the plugin and start calling the static functions. That simple.
  • ► Includes comprehensive documentation explaining the available wrapper functions
  • ► Includes a dashboard interface which lets you see and modify all data of all users who is saving data on your server as well as generate new data for them
  • ► Save and retrieve data to your own account: Player data
  • ► Save and retrieve data shared by all players: Game settings
  • ► Update and fetch limited data from other people's accounts: Authoritative server access