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The Easily Skinnable & Customisable KeyBoard gives you a world space keyboard that you could use to add a themed keyboard to your projects instead of using the device-native keyboard.

It also makes it perfectly suited for use in VR applications.



The keyboard comes with 3 sets of buttons by default but you can add as many as you want and assign any keys to each set. This means you can use QWERTY or ABCDE or any custom symbols you choose. Each set is simply an array of strings so it cannot be easier to customise.

As for skinnable, the buttons are loaded at runtime which means you just have to skin the button prefab and there you have your keyboard, perfectly themed to your game. Change the background image and set the font size and color and you are done. Now just duplicate the main keyboard prefab, skin that to match and that is all there is to it.

The keyboard can be called from any script using the static SpawnInstance() function and the output of the keyboard can be directed to any source you choose: Text, Input, name of an image to load… entirely up to you what you do with the keyboard’s result

To use the keyboard you simply do the following:
1. Call SpawnInstance to indicate which keyboard to use
2. Call ShowKeyboard and give it a position / rotation and a function to handle the result

Also supports pooling so you only ever need to spawn 1 keyboard for your game, once… or you can spawn it whenever you like… or spawn multiple if you want to. Entirely up to you.

Includes 2 skins to start you off with: Generic and SciFi.

See the screenshots for an example of using the keyboard inside the scene. The keyboard comes with a 16:10 background image so if you position the camera to perfectly fill the screen you can use it like a 2D keyboard instead and it will automatically block clicks to other objects in your scene. Useful for mobile input



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