ESC Keyboard


The Easily Skinnable & Customisable keyboard does exactly what the name implies. You can duplicate the prefab as many times as you want and customise it to contain any number of character sets (like upper / lower case or symbols or whatever you need) simply by entering the characters into the string array. Done.

The buttons are loaded at runtime so that means you just have to change the background and the font on a single button prefab and all your button sets will respect your new themed buttons.

Instant themed keyboard…



The keyboard itself can be placed in the scene directly or loaded via code (default). Essentially it all boils down to 3 things:

  • Select which keyboard to show
  • Select where to place it in your scene
  • Select what to do with the result the keyboard returns
Optional extras include:

  • Pooling: Only ever load the keyboard once
  • Inspecting the current value at any time
  • Having your own code disperse the keyboard
  • Block mouse clicks to other objects behind it
  • Includes 2 sample themes to start you off with
  • Static spawning function: Launch any time from any script
There really isn’t much else to say… The kit was made to be simple and do a few things but do them as simply and efficiently as possible:
Give you a keyboard in world space, make it easy to skin it to match your game and allow you to decide what buttons to make available.

If you position it so it neatly covers the screen it becomes the ideal 2D replacement for the device’s native keyboard. Alternatively you can place it in a more “interactive” or at least a more interesting position in your scene. That part is entirely up to you… See below for some examples…

The generic skin included in the kit

The Sci-Fi skin included in the kit

The Sci-Fi keyboard in use

The ESC Keyboard in use in VR


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