Turn Based Battle System

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The goal with this turn based battle system is to create a one stop product for all your turn based combat games. To that end it will undergo constant upgrades and introduce new GUI systems, alternate AI and even completely different game modes



In order to make this kit as universal as possible, everything I could make independent, I did. Don't like the current GUI? Just remove the GUI component and add in one you do like. Like my GUI but not my keyboard handling? Keep the GUI component and remove the keyboard handling component. Want to display an on screen cursor when making selections? Add the component. Don't want to see a cursor on screen when making selections? Remove the component. I have done my best to make everything I can that simple to configure / modify / replace.In addition I also have a whole bunch of events that fire at key points during battle like, for instance, right after you have selected your target, right after your attack begins, right after your attack has ended, right after landing a blow, right after landing your last blow, right after you have returned to your home tile, right after all faction members have had their turns etc etc etc. You can hook into any of these for custom actions if you so wish.

Even the damage system uses virtual functions so you can replace my code with your own and even the way the damage is rendered on screen means you can replace the font with one you made in Photoshop leaving you with limitless display options

The key word here is "options"! I give you a system you can drag and drop into a scene, hit play and have yourself a fully fledged battle system with intros, cinematic camera transitions, special effects and AI... and then I make all of it customizable in as easy a way as possible.

Even the position of the camera during combat is easy to modify.

  • Want to force a single view angle during combat? Simply have 1 camera target position prefab.
  • Want to give your players 19 different camera angles to cycle through? Simply duplicate the camera target position prefab 18 times, drag and rotate them to where you want them and you are done. You don't even have to configure them if you don't want to. They will be auto detected and used if they are present


  1. Standalone and replaceable components for most actions
  2. Customisable components that don't interfere with other components
  3. Battle introduction sequence showing both faction's names
  4. Turn introduction showing active faction's name
  5. Win and loose animations, as above, using custom graphics
  6. Multiple camera angles
  7. Audio for attacks, damage, dying and background music
  8. Easy to change the entire game style
  9. Basic enemy AI for target selection
  10. Infinite number of characters.The battlefield consists out of two factions. Each faction can have an unlimited number of party members. When you spawn them you have the option of spawning all party members or spawning a random selection. This random selection gives you complete freedom of selection in terms of what is the minimum and maximum amount of characters to spawn and should the system try to spawn exactly the maximum or pick a random value in between?This means you can create one prefab per "zone" in your game and say that in zone 1 your player has just started the game and should be level 1 to 5 or so thus, to make it fair, you will only spawn enemy x,y z in this area... You simply drag in all the different enemies that MIGHT spawn in that prefab and tell it to only spawn between 1 and 3. Done. Now the player can walk around your level and every 9 seconds he can be thrown into a new battle and it will be completely random each time.
  11. Infinite number of attacks thanks to the unique attack system The way this system is setup, if you get a new animation file, you can have a new attack. Simply duplicate an existing one, change a few text fields and you are done. It can now be assigned to any character!
  12. Infinite number of magic attacks As with the attacks, if you have an animation for a spell, you can create a new spell. Just duplicate an existing one, change a few fields in the inspector and you are done.
  13. Infinite number of special effectsDo you like Jean Moreno's FX kits? Perhaps you like the Elementals kit? Maybe you like one or two of Unity's default effects? Perhaps you have your own custom special effect? Good news then cause it works with all of them. If you have a special effect prefab, just assign it to a spell and select wether it should spawn on the player or the target and you are done.
  14. Includes a Magical Special Effects generator Included as a free bonus (in TBB v1 only) are some scripts and basic prefabs to help you create your own special effects. This is nothing near as fancy as the special effects created by the guys on the Asset Store but for people with limited artistic skills this can be of great assistance. Includes a bunch of sample images and ready made prefabs for you to use and a script that you can use to help you turn a special effect into a projectile effect like the fireballs in Street Fighter
  15. The world's easiest to use Mecanim AnimationController, ever!Are you a Mecanim guru? Excellent! Are you absolutely clueless with Mecanim? Join the club. Either way, you will be able to use this AnimationController in 2 minutes or less! There is no AnimationController on the planet more simple than the one used by this kit! There CAN'T be! Why? Because you drag in the animation and you are done. No timers, no variables, no nothing. Just drag in your animation and you are done. If you want to play an animation and be sure it stops when it is done, just create a transition to idle. There is absolutely nothing more to do.
  16. Infinite cinematic camera animations for your spells.Did you just create an awesome new spell? Do you wish you could see it from a specific angle? No problem. Use Unity's Animation window and just create a camera animation that you like. When you are done, just assign it to the spell and it will use your custom path when the spell is cast
  17. Custom spawnersEither create your spawners in advance or at runtime. Instantiate it and load a new scene. The spawner will load, configure and start the battle as soon as the new scene is loaded and return you to a scene of your choice once it is done. win or loose, your choice of final destination.You can customise your spawners to load custom battle configurations also. Simply pre-create your prefabs to hold which enemies can be created and instantiate the relevant spawner but the battle system it spawns can be preconfigured also. Included in the kit is two examples:
    • Final Fantasy style - Grid of 3x2 on either side with up to 3 enemies per battle
    • Street Fighter style - Grid of 1x1 with only 1 character, no visible grid and only 1 camera to give a Street Fighter style view
  18. Sneak attack mode where one faction attacks the first round from behind
  19. Includes pre-configured characters: Kyle and Ethan from Unity, Red Samurai and Troll from Sui Chen Ki
  20. Includes music tracks provided by Grant Stevens from http://www.varazuvi.com


Changes between v1 and v2 include:  ► Replaced OnGUI with UGUI
► WebGL no longer supported
► SFX Generator removed
► Vita native button support removed
► Includes 2 fully functional game modes
► New RPG-style demo to trigger battles and a means to return you to the level when the battle is done
► Editors included to generate movement and attack patterns for EA mode
► Includes an all new 3D grid tile prefab
► Auto generate flat battlefields or battlefields with random heights per tile
► Pre-design battlefield heights pertile
► Includes Unity's special effect assets
► Replaced the included characters
► The system now runs entirely on states & events
► The GUI is entirely cosmetic and any part thereof can be removed at any time without breaking the system. For touch devices certain GUI elements are practical to leave in place but otherwise they are purely cosmetic

► Includes utility GUI elements to aid you when creating your own game mode(s)
► New GUI elements can be added without interfering with the flow of the game
► The code is far more modular and sensibly split into sub-classes making it easy to MOD
► To create a new game type simply duplicate a GameMode subfolder and MOD the Input, GameMode and EnemyAI classes.
► Includes a fully functional stats system you can use in the rest of your game. Supports upgrades, temporary buffs and upgrade previews.
► Includes a Work-In-Progress affliction system for sleep, mute, silence, poison etc (not yet implemented)
► Brand new controller input system allowing you to save button configurations for the keyboard and up to 8 game pads (if you were to build a button config screen)
► Version 2 will be released as a PERPETUAL BETA version as new features will constantly be added

3 reviews for Turn Based Battle System

  1. Hofmann

    great asset – I had some problems with asset, but developer is very responsive and helped to solve it very quickly. I fully recomend this asset.

  2. InsaneReaper7

    Really Amazing and Top Notch Quality – I have been a few years out of developing in Unity and was casually looking at the asset store when this particular gem caught my eye. I had worked on something similar a few years back but for life reasons stopped working on it. Let me tell you that this is well put together with tons of features and high customization right off the bat. Being able to finish something I had previously worked on without diving into endless hours of coding an engine rekindled my passion to create games. I find myself spending most of my free time experimenting, changing and building new features and elements into this engine. Loading the asset the first time I received a ton of errors but developer responded to my email very quickly. Even with the limited information I had provided in my email about the situation, he nailed the problem and gave me a solution which had me working with the assets in no time. All the code has comments that really help in understand how it all works. Includes some nicely detailed files which explain features. So far extremely happy with my purchase and the support received. Cannot recommend this asset enough! If you want to create a game with turn based battles or a tactical RPG look no further! Very exciting to know that the product is constantly worked on as well.

  3. tycoex

    Extremely useful and great developer – This asset comes with a ton of great stuff that I probably won't ever get into but even for the parts I am using it's definitely been worth the cost. If you plan on having any kind of turn-based battle, whether it's the tactics-style grid system with moving characters, or the JRPG turn-based style this asset will give you a huge head start. The developer has also been extremely helpful and sent me a detailed and informative response when I asked a question. You can't buy support like that.

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