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Hi everyone

As you may have noticed my Asset Store presence just upped and vanished overnight. This prompted a number of people to wonder: “What happens to our future updates, now?”

The simple answer is that they don’t. Unity has removed my assets from the store and no more updates can be pushed. In fact, they were removed BECAUSE I tried to update them. Long story for another day…

In any event, at a later stage I will be allowing you to download updates from directly but for that to happen I need to first know who bought what. You will notice this site doesn’t look particularly pretty and the reason for that is because I wanted this to also pop up overnight and just get you some answers to replace the questions and concerns you may have at this point.

Below you will find a form into which you can enter your Asset Store invoice number(s) for assets you bought from me. I will then store which products of mine you purchased (and will display that list to you below the form) and when the new website eventually goes live, your purchases will be linked to your account and you will be able to download your assets again. Those who do not wish to enter their serials will have two alternatives open to them:

  1. Use the version of the assets that you have. They were coded to be future proof so they should continue to work for years to come still. All you will be missing out on is any additional features I add to the assets. Since the versions you now have already work 100% as advertised and expected, you already have the complete product and can consider your version as a final version.
  2. Alternatively, you can buy the asset on and have the product available from here that way.

So without further ado, here is the form to register your products…

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