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In under 60 seconds, add the ability for your games to store and fetch your game's data online!



Note: This kit is an extension of the WordPress Login kit

The WordPress User Data kit allows you to store anything you want online. You can store data globally for access within all games or you can save data for a specific game only. On top of that you can also sort your data into categories and fetch the data from the server by field, by category, by game or you could even request all info you currently have about the player… or all non-game-specific data you have about the player. Whatever your needs are…

This means it is now possible for you to check what other games of yours the player has and even update the player’s settings in one game from within another! “Did you buy the Prequel? Excellent, thank you. Here is 5000 extra Gold”. Or the other way around… “Thank you for buying the prequel. I see you already have the main game also. Excellent. I have now unlocked a secret character in the main game”

The WordPress User Data system uses CML so it comes with many, many powerful search and data filter functions already but now have a bunch of extra functions to simplify it even more, in some cases now giving you multiple ways of getting to your data.

Because it runs on CML it also means you can store your Rect, Vector3, Quaternion and more using their respective ToString() methods and when you fetch your data back from the server you will receive it already formatted into int, float, bool, Rect, Vector3, Quaternion and more…

Store any value! Keep it online and out of the hands of the cheaters… Gold, score, health, experience, tower upgrade level… whatever values you want to store, now you can!

As is the case with the other kits in the WordPress User series, this kit also requires zero configuration on the server. Just install the plugin, drop the component on a game object, give it your website’s URL and specify a unique id for your game and you are good to go…

Install the plugin once and you are good to store data for all your games. Just give each a unique game id and you are done.

Includes comprehensive documentation explaining the available functions


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