Shuriken Practice is a game where you need to hit targets to gain score or extra time while also avoiding certain targets that deduct from your score or time. Sometimes the pressure will be on and force you to hit bad targets in order to stay in the game so it then boils down to balance. Hit too many bad targets and you lose the game by default.


  • The goal of the game is simple: Get a high score and see if you can end up on the leaderboard.
  • Each level has its own difficulty level and thus each level has its own leaderboard meaning you have 8 chances to appear on the leaderboard. Good luck!


  • Throw a shuriken at the normal targets while it is activating or active to gain points
  • Hit the timer target to get an extra 20 seconds added to your timer. Timer has a max value of 200 seconds so don’t waste your ammo if you are already full on time
  • Avoid hitting the black targets as they deduct from your score
  • Avoid the black timer target as this will remove 15 seconds from your timer
  • Hit two targets with a single shuriken to activate the bonus ball… or a devil. Only time will tell
  • Fill up the progress meter by hitting good targets to progress to the next round
  • Hit too many bad targets and you will be dropped back to the previous round with a 90% progress applied
  • Different targets give you different progress points or deduct from your progress, thus it makes sense to hit the more valuable targets when you have the chance. Unfortunately, the timer is not on your side so to progress in the game you cannot afford to wait around for the valuable targets… or can you?


  • Don’t run out of time or you will lose the game
  • Don’t run out of ammo of you will lose the game
  • Don’t fill up the penalty progress bar or you will lose the game
  • Complete round 5 to win the game


  • Each game consists of 5 rounds. Each time you complete a round you unlock the next level shuriken. Level 5 is the final round and doesn’t have a new shuriken.
  • Each shuriken has a multiplier based on its level, thus hitting any target will give you up to 400% the score (or penalty). Select which one to use, wisely
  • This multiplier applies to the score the target is worth, the bonus ball that replenishes your ammo and the timer targets.
  • The multiplier does not apply to the level progress


  • Round 1
  • No multiplier
  • 99 max
  • Round 2
  • 2x multiplier
  • 35 max
  • Round 3
  • 3x multiplier
  • 20 max
  • Round 4
  • 4x multiplier
  • 5 max


  • Each target is worth a set number of points in terms of score or penalty
  • Each target is also worth a specific amount in terms of level progress so choose your targets wisely
  • 10 points
  • Progress +1
  • 25 points
  • Progress +2
  • 50 points
  • Progress +2
  • 100 points
  • Progress +3
  • +20 time
  • Progress 0 pts
  • -15 time
  • Progress -1
  • -25 points
  • Progress -1
  • -50 points
  • Progress -2