myBad Studios SDK


This product gives you access to all of myBad Studios’ Unity assets found on this site now and in future.

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This product includes:

MBS Core

► Runtime typed variable creation

► In memory, virtual database complete with search, filters, add, remove and insert functions. Allows for nested data. Each row dictates what columns it has but doesn’t NEED to match any other row

► Smart values to prevent runtime exceptions

► Load / save all game data in 1 line of code

► Easy to use StateMachine

► FromString() class extensions added to int, float, Vectors etc

► Modify transform positions/rotations without first having to duplicate the value and then writing it back. Same with the alpha value on Image components

► Numerous other class extensions

► On screen notification system

► Custom event class. Essentially universal

Dialogue and other RPG essentials

Base RPG System

► Create dialogue with the following features:

  • * Unlimited actors per dialogue
  • * Unlimited dialogue length
  • * Each turn can have between 0 and unlimited tests to see if it is allowed to be shown
  • * Turns that should not be displayed will redirect to another turn
  • * Each turn can have between 0 and unlimited keys/ inventory updates if the turn is displayed
  • * Each turn can trigger between 0 and unlimited custom functions
  • * Custom functions can have between 0 and unlimited parameters passed to them
  • * Custom parameters to functions can optionally be given a name to simplify identification inside custom code
  • * Dialogue files require the Actors and Dialogue sections but can have between 0 and unlimited custom sections
  • * Any entry under any section can contain between 0 and unlimited custom fields
  • * Use custom sections and custom fields with 0 modification to the dialogue engine
  • * GUI and functionality are split into separate files thus making the system compatible with any GUI system
  • * Create between 0 and unlimited custom GUIs to be as simple / complex as you need it to be. No code changes to the SDK required to support custom GUIs
  • * Update inventory directly from within the dialogue
  • * Fetch inventory items mid dialogue to create dynamic text (inline text replacement)
  • * Display dialogue all at once or one character at a time (typewriter mode)
  • * Trigger or stop audio via either of the two included systems (one of which makes NPCs speak random sound bytes)

► Dialogues are in CML and thus offers 2 very forgiving and easy to use, interchangeable syntax options

► Acts like an inventory and progress tracking system (manipulate both mid game or during dialogue)

► Game save and load system

► Includes a number of ready-to-use sample GUI prefabs

► Includes a Visual Novel system via one of the included GUI prefab

Turn based battle system

Turn Based Battle System

► Standalone and replaceable components for most actions

► Customizable components that don’t interfere with other components

► Battle introduction sequence showing both faction’s names

► Turn introduction showing active faction’s name

► Win and loose animations, as above, using custom graphics

► Multiple camera angles

► Audio for attacks, damage, dying and background music

► Easy to change the entire game style

► Basic enemy AI for target selection

► Infinite number of characters. The battlefield consists out of two factions. Each faction can have an unlimited number of party members. When you spawn them you have the option of spawning all party members or spawning a random selection. This random selection gives you complete freedom of selection in terms of what is the minimum and maximum amount of characters to spawn and should the system try to spawn exactly the maximum or pick a random value in between? This means you can create one prefab per “zone” in your game and say that in zone 1 your player has just started the game and should be level 1 to 5 or so thus, to make it fair, you will only spawn enemy x, y z in this area… You simply drag in all the different enemies that MIGHT spawn in that prefab and tell it to only spawn between 1 and 3. Done. Now the player can walk around your level and every 9 seconds he can be thrown into a new battle and it will be completely random each time.

► Infinite number of attacks thanks to the unique attack system

The way this system is setup, if you get a new animation file, you can have a new attack. Simply duplicate an existing one, change a few text fields and you are done. It can now be assigned to any character!

► Infinite number of magic attacks

As with the attacks, if you have an animation for a spell, you can create a new spell. Just duplicate an existing one, change a few fields in the inspector and you are done.

► Infinite number of special effects. Use any SFX assets you have or find on the asset store

► The world’s easiest to use Mecanim AnimationController, ever! Gurus and newbs are equal before it

► Add custom cinematic camera animations to your custom created spells

► Go to a battle scene, play out the battle and then return to the previous scene with your character back in it’s original position

► Battlefield spawners can be spawned in a variety of styles:

  1. Final Fantasy style – Grid of 3×2 on either side with up to 3 enemies per battle
  2. Enchanted Arms style – Characters on both ends of the grid limited to specific movements specified by you
  3. Street Fighter style – Grid of 1×1 with only 1 character, no visible grid and only 1 camera to give a Street Fighter style view
  4. (Customized to your liking)

► Sneak attack mode where one faction attacks the first round from behind

► Includes a couple of pre-configured characters

► Includes music tracks provided by Grant Stevens from

► Includes an all new 3D grid tile prefab

► Auto generate flat battlefields or battlefields with random heights per tile

► Pre-design battlefield heights per tile

► The system now runs entirely on states & events

► The GUI is entirely cosmetic and any part thereof can be removed at any time without breaking the system

► Includes a fully functional stats system you can use in the rest of your game. Supports upgrades, temporary buffs and upgrade previews

► Brand new controller input system allowing you to save button configurations for the keyboard and up to 8 game pads (if you were to build a button config screen)


► Create your achievements as easily as creating a blog post

► Award an achievement as simply as calling WUAchieve.AwardAchievment(id)

► Optionally assign requirements online and award achievements automatically

► Change requirements at any time, even after publishing

► When using auto awarding you can add new achievements after publishing also

► Fetches graphics online only if not already present in the project

► View / assign / revoke achievements, per player, from the dashboard in one click


► Create serials for offline distribution. Select how many to create and click “Create”. Now distribute…

► Create serials for sales from your own website. Select how many to create and click “Create”. Done.

► When buying directly from the owner’s website serials are auto assigned

► When buying directly from the owner’s website games are auto activated with the buyer’s serial

► Manually assign/revoke a serial to any user via a single click in the dashboard

► Dashboard shows all available and used serials for both manual and digital distribution channels

► Dashboard allows for removal of all unused serials in the event of a compromise of some sort

► Make games require a serial before start or manually test for a serial later (i.e. provide free levels)

► Login prefab includes a serial check, serial entry screen and website redirect to purchase the game.

► Enable/disable any part of the serial system with a simple click of a check box in the login prefab

► Serials are linked to an account not a device. This means games cannot be resold or even played without logging into an active account making piracy impossible unless users who bought the game share their account login details and thus share all their games… and in so doing giving every pirate the ability to change the recovery email and password for the entire account thus claiming it as his/her own.


► Create accounts on your site / in Unity

► Login to website / games with same details

► Customize personal details in Unity

► Password resetting and changing

► Dashboard control panel for all WP kits

► Display game details on your website

► Security to prevent external access

► Player banning / suspension / restoring

► Automatically fetch player’s Gravatar icon

► Fetch any usermeta value during login

► Fetch a list of all games on the website

► Create games on the website directly from Unity

► Access all fetched data statically from any script. No need to first link to anything

► Setup only takes seconds!

► Dynamic setup based on included kits

► Examples: Auto high score / virtual currency balance retrieval during login


► Store int, long, float, Rect, Vector2, Vector3, Color, Quaternion and string

► Store anything that has a ToString method

► Fetch a field, category, all game data or all data from all games of yours the player is playing

► This means (for example) that you can use values from one game inside another or test if they have a specific game and apply bonuses if they do

► Store player preferences across games

► Player’s data can only be accessed by themselves

► Store data globally in real time. Modify game settings and have the changes live immediately. No need to republish your game

► Website admins can monitor/ update/ remove all player data saved in their database


► Add uncheatable timers to your game

► Examples: Lives, gold, crops…

► No server side configuration required

► Set max values and update intervals

► Completely self contained

► Functions to spend or award points

► Functions to update timer value caps


► Set or Fetch scores with 1 line of code

► Custom number of high scores to return

► Show the player’s Gravatar icon

► Sort scores ascending or descending



► Create unlimited virtual currencies

► No setup required to create them

► WooCommerce integration enables in-app content sales from your website

► Sell virtual currencies using WooCommerce

► Auto fetch player’s balances on login

► Creates a self-managed Tapjoy server

► Earn money using Tapjoy monetization

► Adds features Tapjoy hosted currencies does not:

  1. Multiple players on a single device
  2. Single player on multiple devices
  3. Balances synced between devices instead of “one user, one device”
  4. Spend currencies on platforms Tapjoy doesn’t support

► Option to turn off Tapjoy support

► Simplifies (virtually automates) the coding to create placements in your game


To use Tapjoy in your project you will still need to comply with all their rules and T&C. This includes installing their free SDK, creating an account on their website and setup your Tapjoy account via their website, applying for a virtual currency and agreeing to not use their currency for gambling purposes or the purchasing of physical goods.