THE Contextual Actions HUD


THE Contextual Actions HUD is a convenient way to offer context sensitive user interaction with your game, meaning the buttons do different things depending on the item and situation in question. It supports both keyboard and mouse inputs and provides your players with a visual cue when actions are available to be performed on objects

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Have a consistent interface throughout the game but has the buttons trigger custom actions on whichever game object is currently in range / has focus. I.e. start or stop an elevator, pull a lever, open a chest or unlock a door or whatever else is required

1. Simply drop a prefab on your player character to indicate that you wish to measure proximity to that game object

2. Then drop another prefab on each object you want the player to interact with. For each of these interact-able objects you will be presented with an array of actions that you can pick from to say which actions you want to be able to perform on that object.

3. Drop the final prefab onto your canvas and you are setup and ready to go

Add or remove icons as required for the current game
Call as many functions as you like with one function call per button
The relevant icon will highlight if the focused / in-range object can make use of that particular buttons' function
Toggle button availability per object as bool values in the inspector

Only takes a few minutes to setup at the start of the project and it's good to go for the entire project...


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