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This package implements a subscription system as a demonstration of how to create your own custom extensions for the WordPress family of assets and also serves to show how you can integrate WooCommerce into your custom extensions.

The main problem for people who want to customise any of my kits is that when I release an updated WordPress plugin it overwrites the old version and all their custom code with it. This asset demonstrates how to add your own custom functionality to my assets by placing them outside of my assets. This plugin will never receive any updates from me and thus your custom code will be 100% safe. <br><br>

This asset has been available on the Unity forums for quite a long time already but I am uploading it here also to simplify discovery. If you would like know more about this asset, feel free to check it out on the Unity forum


► This asset shows you how to EXTEND my WordPress assets and thus requires at least the WordPress Login asset to work

► The example that I include also demonstrates how to link your custom code with WooCommerce so you can sell items on your website and use it inside your games. If you are not interested in this bit then just ignore that part but if you actually want to USE the included subscription system then you will need to install the WordPress Money asset also.

► For installation instructions, please follow the instructions included with the WordPress Login asset


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