Freelance Work – 160 Hours


This product is for 160 hours of my time. This works out at 40 hours per week or “full time” but when working “full time” I tend to do far many hours than what is included under this product. I do so at my own discretion, though, as voluntary, free overtime.

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myBad Studios takes on freelance work from time to time so when this product is visible in the store it means that either I am currently or will soon be available to take on freelance contracts. This product will only be available when I am not working on other projects (personal or freelance) or when nearing completion of a current project. Please contact me in advance to discuss your project needs and my availability date.

This product includes the indicated number of hours of my time to spend however you chose: Coding for Unity, coding for WordPress, making websites, code tutoring, Photoshop work, watching youTube videos of cats or whatever else you want me to watch, chatting about anime or whatever else over Skype, learning some new tool or app… My time is your time for the contracted number of hours so use it wisely.


  1. Since I love what I do and do it both for work and relaxation I tend to work long hours and might be able to churn out 40 hours of work in just over 2 days. After the contracted hours are up my contract is complete and continued work on your project is entirely at my own discretion. (My current record is 68 hours in 5 days)
  2. Should I choose to do voluntary overtime you will not be billed extra during that same contract period
  3. Work is done post-payment. When working on longer contracts that span multiple months you can choose to pay weekly or monthly. Monthly payments offers a flexible payment due date. You can switch between weekly and monthly at any time.
  4. I only work for one client at a time and reserve the right to decline projects at my discretion. Contact me in advance to discuss your project needs and I will confirm if I am able to do what you require of me. Since in this case time is money, literally, I will not accept projects that I know I can’t do and in doing so I will not waste anyone’s time or money
  5. My price(s) are quoted in US Dollars and remain fixed despite the currency conversion value of any other currency
  6. By paying for my services via the store I am enabling you to pay me via PayPal or crypto currency, your choice.
    Order of preference: BitCoin, PayPal, Etherium
  7. PayPal invoices available upon request
  8. Projects will be synced via SourceTree (GitHub) and you will receive regular updates via a branch of my own
  9. I will sign any NDA you require prior to receiving payment but do not require any NDA for any project. All work automatically includes an implied confidentiality clause under which no information is shared with any third parties without the client’s express consent. Not project name, not the project concept, no screenshots or captures, nothing. Everything is treated as confidential
  10. Once work is completed the client’s project will be removed from my system along with any backups (if any) unless I am specifically instructed to hold on to the project prior to my contract ending (i.e. to help out again at a later date)
  11. Placing an order for my freelance services implies that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions