WordPress Login: MBSCore

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WordPress Login: MBSCore

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Let your players use their existing website login details to sign into your games or create a website account from within the game if they don’t have one yet! Includes account and password management features, a dashboard to control all the WUSS kits and numerous website shortcodes and widgets to name but a few of it’s features

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Key features

  1. Login using existing website credentials
  2. Create an account on your website directly from within your game
  3. Share login details across all your games
  4. Automatically receive ANY user data stored in the usermeta table as soon as login succeeded
  5. All functions and data are stored statically and can thus be accessed at any time from any script in any scene without having to link anything to anything else
  6. Includes a fully functional and 100% skin-able UGUI prefab to get started ASAP
  7. GUI and functionality are kept separate. This makes the kit 100% GUI agnostic. Create your own GUI using any system you wish. No need to modify the code to make it work with your chosen GUI system
  8. Install the kit once and use it with all your current and future games
  9. Supports the "Remember me" option and auto login if enabled
  10. Temporarily kick or permanently ban users from specific games
  11. Features password resetting in case you can't log in
  12. Allows password changing for logged in users
  13. Update basic personal info: real names, email, website details
  14. Use your existing Gravatar image as your in-game avatar
  15. Select Gravatar type to generate for users who don't have a Gravatar account
  16. Fetch the appropriate age restricted Gravatar for your game
  17. Auto detects additional installed assets and provide settings for them in the inspector also for a one stop location to edit all settings for all installed kits
  18. Includes a security feature to prevent outside tampering with your site or games
  19. Incredibly easy to add new, custom functionality to the kit. (See the FAQ tab for details)
  20. Features a number of callbacks to hook into for all server responses
  21. Every call to the server results in either a success or failure response, offering you full control over what to do after contacting the server for any reason...

Implementation into your own games

  1. Install the plugin on your website if you haven't done so already
  2. In your DashBoard click on All Games to create a new game just like a normal WordPress post. This will generated the Game ID
  3. In Unity, give the prefab your website url and the game ID
  4. Drag the prefab into a scene
  5. Hit play, your game is now configured to run from your site!

Website features

WULogin includes a full featured dashboard from which to configure everything related to this and other kits in the series. The dashboard displays all additional installed plugins and their respective settings in one convenient location giving you a one stop location to manage everything related to all WUSS plugins. Dashboard settings restricted to admin access only

Includes ShortCodes and widgets to help you in creating your website

  1. Create a default game layout and have the kit auto generate game pages for you. You create the page content when you generate the game and WordPress Login will generate pages for all your games using your shared layout and custom page content
  2. Create a page that automatically generates banners to point to your game's pages
  3. Generate vertical or horizontal banners
  4. Generate a poster image with rounded corners and customizable styles
  5. Display user's status for the current game (Good, kicked, banned)
  6. Learn more about the WUSS PORTAL here..!

Display WebGL games on your website

  1. Include a placeholder graphic so games don't load automatically (Save user's bandwidth)
  2. ...or load games automatically without placeholder images. Your choice.

5 reviews for WordPress Login: MBSCore

  1. Vygar

    Excellent – This package is very well constructed and documented.

  2. Parrot-Wing

    Responsive developer – Initially I had some issues getting the kit working but the developer responded to my questions promptly and helped me sort out the problem. Overall I'm very satisfied with the kit and support.

  3. rexcheung

    Great Response – The developer is responsive with in-depth discussion. It is the easiest way to integrate my user data with web service.

  4. obstudio

    Awesome asset and developer – Power of wordpress in games starts here! Awesome asset with very low entry threshold, but also expanded. With demo scene you can log into your WP in 2-3 minutes, just like that. Support just awesome. In my case not everything was working out of the box. After very long and constructive discussion with developer we found that the problem my hosting. Without this help probably I would drop my plans for using WP in my gamedev. If you're not sure for buying it contact the dev and see for your self. Warning: it's so easy that you will want all plugins from this ecosystem 😀

  5. Eva

    Great customer service – Linking Unity and WordPress is a great concept and I'm very happy to have found this plugin. I am new to game design but the seller of this plugin is incredibly helpful!

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