RIP Asset store. Long live myBad Studios 2.0

October 18, 2018 6:13 am Published by
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As you may have noticed my Asset Store presence just upped and vanished overnight. This prompted a number of people to wonder: “What happened to the assets we bought?”

The simple answer is: They are gone.
Unity has removed my assets from the store and thus I can’t update it (In fact, they were actually removed BECAUSE I tried to update them) and nobody who bought anything in the past 8 years can download anything any more. If you haven’t downloaded it yet then you are left with nothing and can no longer receive any future updates.

All of you who have had contact with me over the past 8 years know that I look after my customers and I give you guys the best support you have ever encountered (your words, not mine). With that being the case, you are not alone in thinking this is unfair towards you so in keeping with the level of support you are used to I am going to be allowing you to download updates from my store from now on. Nobody is going to loose anything if I have a say in the matter!

I may be off the Asset Store but I’m still right here for all of you and can now give you better service than what I could do when I was on the Asset Store. This means up to date assets and bug fixes will be available as fast as I can upload them, not weeks after I send them out to you.

Before I am able to let you download the assets from here I will first need to know who bought what…

Simply create an account on or log in to your existing account. Then simply select to view your profile from the main menu and you will find a form where you can register your existing purchases. After you have done so you can then download your assets from that same page from then on. At the moment this is still a semi-manual process so please bear with me for the time being but in time this process will become fully automated.

So make your way on over to your profile page and register your products today!

Hope to see you there soon!


After only 7 weeks and enough complaining from enough customers Unity finally fixed their mistake and customers are now able to download the assets they bought from the Asset Store again. You will not have access to the updated versions but at least you can now download the old versions from there again.

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