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 CMBS.sfxBaseActionThe base component for the various classes in this kit. Contains the bulk of the work of the derived classes
 CMBS.sfxRotateThis will rotate an object while adhering to the play_mode settings
 CMBS.sfxScaleThis will scale an object while adhering to the play_mode settings
 CMBS.sfxTransformThis will move an object while adhering to the play_mode settings
 CMBS.sfxUVAnimThis will animate the UVs on an object while adhering to the play_mode settings
 CMBS.sfxTintThis will tint an object while adhering to the play_mode settings
 CMBS.tbbBattleCamThis class handles the camera position during gameplay and allows you to toggle between multiple camera angles
 CMBS.tbbBattleCamTargetSpecifies a target camera position and location for multiple camera angles on the battlefield.
 CMBS.tbbBattleFieldThis is the main component in this kit. All other classes either go on to the same object this component is on or goes on to objects that are a child of the object this component is on but either way, this component holds info vital to the proper functioning of this system
 CMBS.tbbBattleLauncherThis component is still a work in progress. It's intent is to configure the battlefield prior to loading a new scene in which the battlefield is actually loaded. For this reason, an object that has thsi component on should be loaded OUTSIDE the scene in which the battlefield is created and set to DontDestroyOnLoad so that the scene can simply be reloaded in order to do a rematch in the event of a fail
 CMBS.tbbBattleLostScreenThis class will display the screen you see when you have lost the battle. This class needs to implement two buttons: One to allow the player to quit the battle and return to some other level you specify and another to reload this level. The launcher object should still be in the scene and will respawn the battle with all the original settings and values as before creating the perfect mechanism for rematches
 CMBS.tbbBattleOrderThis component drives the entire battle system by keeping track of which character should attack in what order as well as providing an interface through which to modify the target selection and attack selection on the appropriate character
 CMBS.tbbBattleOrderGUIThis is one example of how the BattleOrder items might be displayed. Basically, the battle order objects are in an array and contains a bunch of useful data but the display thereof is entirely optional. If you DO want to display it, it is entirely superficial and you can do whatever you think looks good... This is one such implementation
 CMBS.tbbBattleResultsScreenThis class handles the display of the mission results screen and is only displayed if and when the battle was won by you
 CMBS.tbbBattleSystem1This is one possible battle system this kit can handle. More game modes will be released with sequential numbers or subclass these BattleSystem1 is the most basic battel system. It handles the spawning of enemies and party members and basic combat giving you a complete start, fight and win/loose model to build custom battle systems on top of
 CMBS.tbbButtonMapThis is my cross platform input solution. Instead of testing for individual key presses right throughout my project, I instead choose to define "Buttons", give them names and test for when my "Buttons" were pressed
 CMBS.tbbCharSelectThis class handles some of the common functions associated with character selection. It is made to be distinct from the GUIs so GUIS can be replaced and still be placed on top of this class.
 CMBS.tbbCharSelectGUIThis is one possible GUI for the character selection part of the system. If you do not like the current way the character selection is done, simply modify or replace this component with the code you WANT to execute
 CMBS.tbbCharSelectInputThis is the Input component for the included tbbCharacterSelectGUI. Most likely if you replace that component you will need a new version of this to go with it. This also updates the tbbCharSelect class as appropriate This class just calls functions inside tbbcharSelect and updates the cursor position and contains no public functions
 CtbbCreditsIn this class I give credit to those who contributed to this project either through their time or through content
 CMBS.tbbDamageThe tbbDamage class is in charge of actually dealing damage from one player to another. It cointains a virtual function that you can override to create your own damage calculation routines It is also in charge of spawning the graphical representations of the damage dealt.
 CMBS.tbbAttackInfoContains info relating to the attacks system. Add this component to an empty gameobject to create a new attack.
 CMBS.tbbSpellInfoContains info relating to spells
 CMBS.tbbDamageCamThis sets up a separate camera for the battle and sets it to only render the TextOverlays layer then forces it to be a child of the MainCamera. This class was created to simplify the display of the text that floats up when a character takes damage and it's sole purpose is to automate the setup. As such, after placing this component on the object, there is nothing more for you to do in this component. Drop it on the BattleField and forget about it...
 CMBS.tbbDamageTextThis component turns an int value into a visual graphic on screen. It uses an image 640x64 in size to represent the 10 digits so you can design the text to look any way you want. If you keep the text white, though, you can also tint the text
 CMBS.tbbFactionOne of the most important classes in this kit, it does not offer a lot to configure in the inspector but it is one of the driving forces behind this kit
 CMBS.tbbGridThis class contains the functions related to creating the actual grid as well as the highlighting of the tiles This class also checks to see if tiles are available for occupation, sets and clears the ocupation
 CMBS.tbbGUICursorThis class is the GUI component of the cursor class. The cursor class handles position while this one displays it on screen
 CMBS.tbbIntroTextThis class represents an animated graphic used during intro and turn switching
 CMBS.tbbMovementThe movement class is in charge of handling the character's navigation across the grid.
 CMBS.tbbPlayerInfoContains info relating to the characters on the battlefield
 CMBS.tbbTileAn instance of a tile in the grid
 CMBS.tbbVitaInputThe default Vita Key Mappings. You can access them directly by doing something like: if(tbbVitaInput.cross_button_up) DoSomething(); This will give you Vita only controls. Alternatively, see the tbbButtonMap class for a cross platform solution
 CVarazuviCreditsAudio is provided by